To bring this entire project to life and to make it reach his full potential, we need help and you can help us! Become a sponsor of our game and get all of benefits of advertising on our platform! Read further to learn more!


We don't want to just make "another game". No, we want to make a platform that will serve as game, as online community and as advertising platform for our sponsors.

Be part of a game

Let's be honest, nobody likes advertisements. Especially ones that are aggressive and "in your face" or prevent you from enjoying what you are doing.

That's why we want to make advertising in our game as part of game that feels natural, integrated and it doesn't obstructs players gaming experience, but rather expands it and makes it better.

How we are going to do that?

Every business has its purpose and place in society, so will have in our game. So, for example, if a local bar want's to advertise in a game, they will simply do that by being a virtual bar in our game! With a bit of interaction, interesting game loops and fun activities, the player will love to see your ad, rather than despise it.

Here is few examples


Boat dealer

Boat dealers can be advertises as boat dealer in-game. So when a player will go to buy a virtual boat, he will get to YOUR virtual dealership and buy his virtual boat there. It will look like a real-life showroom with your branding and your selection of boats. There can be multiple dealers in-game for multiple types and/brands of boats.

Bar / Restaurant

Virtual bars will be places where players will find new missions and hidden collectables, and when multiplayer will be active, these will be places where players will hang out. So why not make this bar look like your real bar! And players can even earn discount tokens that they can redeem in your real bar for real drinks or food!!

Spare parts / repair shop

Players will need to buy upgrades and repair their ingame boats, so why not give them a chance to do that as a real-life expert? Besides being an in-game go-to place for repairs and/or spare parts, we can use this to give real advice, tips and tricks that they can use in real-life. That way they will have a reliable partner when they need a real service!

Product / Merchandise

Do you have a great product or merchandise? Great! We can make it a part of our game world! Make it a collectible, make it a key element of gameplay, special item, collectable item or a special prize players will get for completing some mission! There are a lot of ways it can be a natural part of our game, while still giving you the exposure you want!

Example of sponsored location


Example of sponsored race

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