Boat Life

Lake of the Ozarks

Boat Life – Lake of the Ozarks is mobile video game (Android and iOS) that wants to give players a sense of the boating life on the amazing Lake of the Ozarks.In this game, players will be able to buy, customize and race various types of boats. Also, players will be able to customize their characters and build up their home on the lakeshore!

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What is Boat Life - Lake of the Ozarks

Key Features


Lake of Ozarks, Missouri, USA

Lake of the Ozarks has rich boating tradition and boating is a way of life on the lake. Lake of the Ozarks area is rich in interesting landmarks, entertainment, tourist locations and natural beauty.


Virtual boats

The player will be able to buy various boats starting from small and simple boats, to big and fast powerboats. They will be able to upgrade and customize each ship to get the best performance out of it.


Experience Lake of the Ozarks like never before!

Our goal is not to just make a game, but to make a platform that will spread the word about Lake of the Ozarks world wide!

Dejan Kober

Lead developer