Your ride on lake

Boats Boating game won’t be anything without large selection of boats. In our game, players will be able to buy, customize, upgrade, drive and race large variety of realistic looking and driving boats. We pay a lot of attention to details on our boats, so that they look a part, but also to drive same as well. That’s why we are simulating complete buoyancy and water dynamic of each boat (different type of hull will behave differently) and as well as a lot of performance parameters (engine power, prop type, drive type, etc.)

Some of available boats

Center console

We think that you can't have a proper boating game with at least one good 25 ft centre console fishing boat. So, we had to put one in our game, and here is our take on that type of boat.

CAT Performance Boat

High performance catamaran boat is pinnacle of racing on lake and it's one of key boat types on annual Poker run. So, at least one will be in our game as well!

Power boats

There is large verity of all sorts of powerboats, so we started with old school ones that took our imagination when we ware kids.